SKYWAY Multi-color TUFFS!

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Skyway has made a few multi-colored tuffs for Autism research. They take a lot of time to make and we can't produce a lot of them, so we are only making a few for Autism organizations at this time.

SKYWAY 50th anniversary Frame!

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In celebration of our 50th anniversary Skyway is releasing a special limited 20" frame, and is shipped in a special 50th anniversary box!

SKYWAY 50th anniversary flanged wheels

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SKYWAY� 50th anniversary Tuff Wheels with flanged hubs and special limited edition wheel boxes.



Combo picture!


Combo shot of our 50th anniversary TA Frame, Fork, Handelbar, and our Infamous Graphite Tuff Wheels with our special limited edition flanged hubs.



SKYWAY Clear Brake Pads

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New Skyway Tuff pads moulded in clear material for all colored wheels. No more need to get the right color for your wheels, now we have one to go with them all!

Special limited edition 50th anniversary hats!

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Check out our new line of hats. Black and Gray hats are avalible in flat or curved brim with either a Tuffwheels or TA logo.

Skyway's TA frame just got alot smaller


Skyway Flick Trix are now avalible at your local Toys R' Us or Fred Meyer outlet.

Skyway is now on facebook


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The rebirth of a classic. Old school stylings for the modern age.

Cruiser and Pro bars also available.

You can order online at



A new Skyway design! This new 6-spoke wheel is built to be stylish but holds true to our legacy of unprecedented strength and durability.


SKYWAY 9 tooth cassete with 14mm axle

You asked for it and SKYWAY has delivered. This all new wheel is the perfect way to meld classic strength and style with modern gearing.


"Narrow" PushRing Tire

SKYWAY introduces this unique urethane tire and handring molded together as one unit. Easy to install, no time consuming attachment screws, and it is the same width as a standard wheel with conventional handring.

Just install the tire and you have a complete wheel, tire and handring!


SKYWAY Tee Shirts

Stop by your favorite bike shop and get yours today!


24" Retro Mag

Skyway has re-introduced the cruiser mag in the original spoke style from the 1980s. Popular for its style and improved performance, this wheel is flying off the shelves to BMX cruisers around the world.

Sets can be ordered on-line at


SKYWAY's Never Flat Golf Cart Tires

Lifetime Guarantee Against Flats!

Save time and money, switch over all your pneumatic tires to new SKYWAY "Club Head" urethane tires.




SKYWAY Flashback

SKYWAY� Takes a Look Back in the "Flashback" section.
View some of SKYWAY's most popular ad's from the 70's, 80's and the more recent. View The Ads...


FIRST Robotics Program

SKYWAY� is the original wheel supplier for the FIRST Robotics program, an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a life- changing, career-molding experience—and a lot of fun. Read More...



All Wheels & Products

TuffWheels® are available in a number of sizes,
each designed to incorporate standardized hub and tire configurations found throughout the wheel industry. All SKYWAY wheels, from 4" casters to our newest 24" wheels, Read More...



SKYWAY Graphites are Back!

Back by popular demand. Carbon-fiber composite TuffWheels®! Long a favorite of racers, jumpers and freestylers, the Graphites feature sealed-bearing hubs in convertable lightweight axles. SKYWAY's new Graphites are molded from our proprietary blend of long-strand carbon fiber and nylon. This new blend produces a Read More...



The Many Uses of SKYWAY Wheels

One of the many benefits of choosing to work with SKYWAY is the unlimited possibilities of our custom wheel designs. If you can dream it, we can build it, and for any application you desire. View Some Examples...


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