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History of Performance

In 1974 SKYWAY "re-invented" the wheel by introducing the first of the composite Skyway Tuff Wheels® to the demanding bicycle motocross (BMX) sport. BMX riders demanded a wheel which would remain true under extreme riding conditions. Genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels® delivered that need. Skyway wheels are fabricated with the best material available in our own special composite blend. Composite Tuff Wheels are lightweight, durable and maintenance free.

For more than twenty years Skyway has supplied Tuff Wheels in a wide range of hub configurations to serve the Bicycle, Health Care, Industrial Equipment and Lawn & Garden markets. Skyway Tuff Wheels® are available in a wide range of sizes, from 4" casters to 24" bicycle and wheelchair wheels.

Reliable & Maintenance Free

The unique properties of our Nylon composite formulated by Skyway provide our wheels with the optimum blend of strength and memory. The memory exhibited by our specially formulated composite allows Tuff Wheels to absorb impact, deform slightly, then return immediately to their original shape. Under comparable impact, most metal wheels experience permanent deformation and lose their trueness. After extreme impact, metal spoked wheels must be periodically trued when their spokes loosen from abuse. Skyway Tuff Wheels stay true after impact, rebounding to their original form, eliminating maintenance.

Chemical & Harsh Environment Resistance

Skyway wheels have found their way onto carts and other applications in chemical plants and salt water environments. This is due to our material's superior resistance to UV light, corrosive materials and other hostile environmental factors.

Wheels for Exact needs

Tuff Wheels are available in a number of sizes, each designed to incorporate standardized hub and tire configurations found throughout the wheel industry. All Skyway wheels, from 5" casters to our newest 24" wheels, are built to accommodate pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires, as well as precision or flanged bearings of various sizes. Whether you require modification of an existing hub, or the manufacture of a specific tool to suit your needs, Skyway's extensive in-house machine shop stands ready to assist you. After more than three decades of business, Skyway knows the customer is number one.

Quality and Value

All Skyway wheels are manufactured with pride in Skyway's Redding, California factory. As the world's leading manufacturer of quality molded wheels, our sales volume allows us to purchase materials at the best possible prices. This factor coupled with our efficient manufacturing operation allows us to offer our customers "Quality Wheels at a Very Affordable Price".

Customer Service

For more than a quarter of a century, Skyway's personnel and manufacturing objective has been: "To serve the customers' ever changing needs." Skyway offers the most comprehensive consultation and in-house custom manufacturing assistance available in the industry today.

Skyway looks forward to getting your next project rolling on genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels.


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